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Joyce is a little different; she has a split personality.

Joyce Carlow is the pen name of the husband and wife writing team of Dennis Adair and Janet Rosenstock. In addition to books written under Joyce's name, there are five historic romances, one historic novel, and two novelizations, written under their own names. Under Janet Rosenstock alone, there are two novels and two non-fiction books. More is written about Janet and Dennis on the Free Lance Writing Associates page and throughout the web site there are tid bits of personal information.

Joyce, the composite, began with Ferdinand a large (18 pound) English Blue cat.

Janet and Dennis had just sold Emerald's Hope but another publisher was publishing a series of five other books under their own names. This could cause what is known in the business as 'market confusion'. They decided to use an Irish sounding pen name. Joyce for James Joyce, seemed right. Seeking a last name, they spread the map of Ireland out on the floor and along came the cat and sat on County Carlow. Thus Joyce Carlow was born.

Dennis was born in Toronto, Ontario. He has a degree in Political Science and French from Sir Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo and a degree in education from the University of Toronto. Janet was born in Massachusetts. She has degrees in political science and English from The University of San Diego and U.C.L.A. and a degree in education from Washington University in Saint Louis.

Both have traveled widely in the United States, Europe, and Mexico and both lived in Africa.

They live in small quiet village in Southern Ontario with MacDougal, their Shetland sheep dog.