Historic Romances
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  The Story of Canada Series
  By Dennis Adair & Janet Rosenstock

  China Nights

It is a World War II novel, it is a love story, and it has a solid basis in fact.

Katie O'Farrell is a young surgical nurse who for all the wrong reasons travels to China. Shortly after her arrival, the Japanese invade the country. While working in a missionary hospital, she meets a widowed Chinese doctor. Together they travel to Nanking, a city that suffered one of the most profound tragedies of the war. Historically, it is often called the, "Rape of Nanking."

What the Japanese did in Nanking is fact. What they did to the young wounded Canadian soldiers in the hospital in Hong Kong is also fact. Katie is based on a composite of three young nurses who escaped from Stanley Prison in Hong Kong. One of them walked across China alone to deliver a list of the military prisoners of war to the British in Burma.

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  Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart concerns a young American photographer whose career loosely parallels that of the famous Life Photographer, Margaret Bourke White. Career is, however, the only parallel. Adria is the daughter of an American Naval officer. She travels to Spain to photograph the Spanish Civil War, in its dying days when she arrives. She remains in Europe after war breaks out (in the years before America was in the war). When America does enter the war, she is accredited as a war correspondent to the American forces. The story of the war years is intermingled with her love affair with a wealthy Englishman, Robert Wertheim. This is an adventure story, a love story, and a war story.

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  The Fire, The Sword, and The Devil

The Fire, the Sword, and the Devil is a true historic novel. It is based on a story that first appeared in The Heptameron of Marguerete de Navarre, sister of Francis the First of France.

It has appeared twice in every century since. This novel is filled with historic figures - Rabalais, Nostrodamus, Henry the VIII, the French poet Clement Marot, Jacques Cartier, and Jean la Rocque de Roberval the Viceroy of New France among others. This is a story of greed, madness, and incest set against the background of the Age of Exploration and Conquest, which was also the age of the French Inquisition, the birth of Protestantism, and the Renaissance. It is a love story that moves from France to New France and back again. Published in Quebec for the Cartier celebrations, one reviewer commented, 'There is nothing English about this novel.'

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