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  The Story of Canada Series
  By Dennis Adair & Janet Rosenstock

  Defiant Captive

The Viking conquerors left their footprints all over England and Ireland. York was once their capital and its museums are filled with the evidence of their occupation. Beneath the city is a re-created Viking community. As you pass through it, in the subtle light, the village seems to come alive. It is the kind of place that you can easily unleash your imagination and transport yourself back to another time. In the late 800s the various Viking groups conquered Dublin, and from Dublin, they carried out raids, stealing from the monasteries and castles.

Brand is a Norwegian Viking and Deirdre is an Irish Princess with an independent mind. For years Deirdre has studied healing from a local medicine woman. Her knowledge is part of that hidden lore that belonged to women till well into the 17th century. Brand, a wounded Viking warrior is captured, but when war breaks out between two Irish kingdoms, Deirdre who has been tending his wounds, helps him to escape. He in turn rescues her on the eve of a marriage she does not want. Together they return to Norway, only to find more trouble in Brand's own kingdom. This is a tale of adventure, betrayal and passion.

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  Highland Desire, Highland Flame, and Highland Fire

Highland Desire

Highland Desire is a rich love story between a headstrong young woman and a slightly older man who initially regards her as a kind of, 'younger sister.' It is a time of danger and desire, of rebellion in the Highlands, of a family divided by war. From Inverness and Culloden's bloodied battlefield to London's rebel underground, Glynis MacPherson fights to be with the man she loves.

Highland Flame and Highland Fire

Highland Flame and Highland Fire form a two volume series. The tale follows the lives of identical twins, Edana and Aleena. Separated at birth, they lead parallel lives till at last they are reunited. The story begins in 1689 with the mother of the twin girls who dies in childbirth. The old woman, who bore witness to their birth, set them afloat on the waters of Loch Linnhe, just as Moses had been set afloat in the Nile.

Author's Note: The covers of Highland Flame and Highland Fire are a little odd. The illustrator clearly could not get it all straight, and no one caught the error (least of all the authors who did not see the covers until the books were in the bookstores). The cover clearly shows the male lead characters in the book as twins, when in fact it is the female characters. Authors, you may be surprised to learn, have little control over these matters.

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