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  The Story of Canada Series
  By Dennis Adair & Janet Rosenstock


'Alternative Romance' is the category name for romances that deal with time travel, reincarnation and vampire novels. We have not written any vampire novels but we have written two time travels and one reincarnation novel. Time travels are great fun and sometimes quite challenging. Usually, some incident precipitates the journey. In the case of Jenna Stevens, it is an automobile accident one winter night outside the town of Deerfield, Mass. It is Feb. 29, 1988, the 284th Anniversary of the Deerfield Massacre. On that night, the French invaded Deerfield with their aboriginal allies. Many of the town's inhabitants were taken captive, many died. Elizabeth Corse one taken captive with her younger brother, James. Their father was away. James was ultimately ransomed back but Elizabeth appears to have married and remained in Quebec.

"Writing this book led to one of the strangest experiences I have ever had," says Janet Rosenstock. "I don't believe in time travel or in reincarnation, but I do believe in coincidence. Elizabeth Corse and her brother James are real historic figures. My mother was a Corse, a direct descendent of young James. It is not a common name, and for many years, I have always looked it up in the phone book when I visit strange cities. I found a person name Corse-Scott in the Maritimes. I called and asked about his family history. He told me his ancestor appeared in Quebec in the 1700s and that she married a man named Scott (by the way, the leading male character in the book is named, L'Ecossais which means Scott in French). Apparently their offspring used the hyphenated name. This book was written several years before I made the phone call."

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  Timeswept Passion

Timeswept Passion is almost a classic time travel romance. Julie Hart is visiting a dollhouse museum in the French Quarter of New Orleans. One minute she is opening the tiny door of an ornate, detailed replica of an early New Orleans home - the lights dim and when the light is restored, she in the New Orleans home. The time period is 18th Century and locale is Spanish ruled New Orleans on the eve of revolution. The rest, as they say, is history, excitement and romance.

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  A Timeless Treasure

A Timeless Treasure begins on Nova Scotia's famed Oak Island, where they are still trying to find lost treasure said to have been buried by Captain Kidd. It moves from the Caribbean to New Amsterdam and is filled with adventure and romance.

"Joyce Carlow mixes time travel with historical romance and the results are fantastic."
-- Rendezvous on Joyce Carlow

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