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  The Story of Canada Series
  By Dennis Adair & Janet Rosenstock

  The Story of Canada Series

Kanata, Bitter Shield, Thundergate, Wildfires Victoria tell the story of Canada's settlement from sea to sea through the lives of two Scots families who leave Scotland after the Battle of Culloden. Janet Cameron MacLean, believing the man she loves to be dead, wants a new start in a new country. Mathew Macleod searches for Janet and being unable to find her, assumes she too is lost. A few years later they are reunited in Quebec and the saga of the MacLeans and the Macleods begins.

Each volume is a story in itself and each involves cross border action as families are divided by French and English and later by the American Revolution. The exciting history of Canada is revealed in the westward struggle. It becomes clear that Canada is as much a product of the American Revolution as the United States.

Kanata: their world was destroyed, a new world beckoned.

Bitter Shield: They made this land their own. And fought to save their destiny.

Thundergate: After having to abandon their home the Macleods learn the meaning of love.

Wildfires: a war they did not want, a future they battled to win.

Victoria: The intertwining paths of four people are traced until they all finally meet in the conclusion.

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