Historic Romances
  Alternate Romances
  Adaptations from Screenplays
  The Story of Canada Series
  By Dennis Adair & Janet Rosenstock

  Snow Kisses, Timeswept Summer, *Sinfully Delicious, *Darling Mama

Snow Kisses
Nothing is as warming in the cold heart of winter as these three delightful stories from three beloved romance authors. Brimming with joy and laughter, they take readers back to a special time when two people pledge a love that will last through the seasons of their lives.

Timeswept Summer
Three beloved romance authors deliver a sizzling collection of time travel romances that will sweep readers up in the heat of the moment--and remind them how special love is when it blooms in the sensuous, lazy days of summer.

*Sinfully Delicious
Three sensuous stories by three beloved romance authors celebrate life's greatest passions--food and romance--and include recipes for dishes featured in the storylines.

*Darling Mama
Three heartwarming tales that celebrate the special love between a mother and child, the bliss of a man and woman joined in marriage, and the joy that only a mother can bring.

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